Ekaya Supports #ResetTheNet

At NetProphet 2014 Simon Dingle said that we are only beginning to learn how to deal with online privacy. This is all new stuff for us as a species and it is moving fast. Future generations will look at back as us and laugh at the ridiculous mistakes we made.

#ResetTheWeb is a move that I think will put a damper on our future critics fun. Perhaps they will point to June the 5th 2014 and say, “That is when it started to turn”.

At Ekaya we have implemented site-wide SSL (https) since the beginning. As of June the 5th we will also have implemented HSTS – which is not that impressive once you know how ridiculously easy it is to do.

These are simple things we as society can do to share only what we want to share. To protect ourselves and those we interact with on this great global network everyday. And to be less of a joke to future generations.

Watch the video here.