We proudly present Ekaya.com

We know we’ve been a little quiet of late – thats because the team has been working hard on new features, opening the BETA in Cape Town, and finalizing our Angel investment. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking a lot about the above but here are the main highlights –

  • We’ve launched the awesome Ekaya Profiles (the Ekaya Card) which lets tenants attach a snapshot of themselves when they send messages to landlords, the benefit being that landlords can see and make offers based upon the quality of the incoming interest. This is the first piece of our nifty new “matchmaking” system.
  • We’ve ended the early access program and Ekaya is now in open BETA in Cape Town with around 1000 places to rent on any given day.
  • We’ve successfully closed an Angel round of R1.4M from some pretty amazing Angels. It’s been a long and complex road but we’re proud of our accomplishments in this regard.

We’re also proud to announce that we have acquired our very own ‘.com’ and will be migrating from ekaya.co to ekaya.com – never fear all your old links will still work, our wizards made sure of that!

Thank you to all the people who have helped us test, retest, suggest features and test again. We look forward to working closely with the rental community to make Renting, better.

-Team Ekaya.com
(Justin – Ruark – Rudolf)

You can view/download our full press release here.