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The Masterdeeds Leak.

Protecting yourself against identity theft.



No more than a month ago in the US, a credit firm, Equifax, was hacked and exposed over 140 million social security numbers of Americans.  And now, in our own backyard, the private details of over 31 million South Africans – including ID numbers, contact details, addresses, and income estimates – have found their way into the public domain.

But why should the average South African be concerned about a leak of this scale, you might be asking.


Identity theft

a booming, billion-Rand criminal trade.


ID theft in South Africa is booming and costing South African businesses in excess of R1 billion a year - and growing at a rapid pace as criminal syndicates get involved in this lucrative trade.

The crime can take many forms and its impact can be devastating for those who are targeted. Aside from the obvious “loss” of your Identity, the consequences of ID theft can include damage to your hard-won credit score, being stalked, or even the discovery that you have been wrongly accused of a crime.

Recounting the fall-out from the incident, a victim explains how devastating identity fraud can be.

A local cellular network called the ID theft victim telling him that he owed R21 000 across five cellphone contracts all in his name. He submitted an affidavit to dispute this and reported it to the Pretoria North Police Station. 

“I was denied opportunities of employment as they check my credit report and they see the credit history, am harassed by people pushing loans to help me settle my credit which I am not liable for. I can’t even apply for credit anywhere, I can’t even get a clothing account.”

Detecting ID fraud can be incredibly difficult as criminals pass themselves off as the legitimate person very convincingly. They use the ID to open bank accounts, purchase items or services on credit and even apply for loans. Your best defense is to regularly check your status.


Checking your status

"Why should I bother checking my credit report? Don’t I only need to do that when I’m applying for a loan?”

According to research from Experian’s Victims of Fraud team, it takes an average of 292 days for people to discover their information has been used for fraudulent purposes.

Most frequently, people find out that they have become a victim of ID theft when they hear from a credit provider or debt collector about an account or debt they know nothing about. However, by reviewing your credit report periodically, you are able to check that no unknown credit accounts have been opened under your name or transactions incurred on your behalf. If you spot an unfamiliar “new” account linked to your credit profile, it could be a warning sign that something more sinister has taken place.



My Credit Check

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VIP by Ekaya

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