A single profile, to help great tenants shine.

VIP makes collecting and verifying all the information a tenant typically needs in the rental application process simple and quick, bringing it all together in one safe and simple to use space.


Everything you need to start renting, right away.


Verified Identity

Successful renting begins with trust. VIP turns random Internet strangers into names and faces so that you can feel more confident in your rental dealings.

Comprehensive Credit Report

We are more than a score, we work with industry leaders Compuscan to produce amazingly detailed, yet easy to understand credit reports for VIP tenants.

Optimal Affordability Index

In these tough times it’s important to consider the long term affordability of a rental. VIP uses clever math to help determine an affordability range to protect both the tenant and landlord. 

90-day Bank Statements

Forget the stacks of paper statements. VIP connects directly to the banks to quickly and securely download and process tenants bank statements. Think of all the trees we’ll save.

Fine Privacy Control

Tenants are kept in full control over their information and can easily control who can see what on their VIP Profile with public, private and full view modes available.

National Secret-level Security

The security of information is our top priority which is why VIP uses 256-bit AES (Rijndael) encryption to protect your data. That’s top secret level stuff, but it’s just business as usual with VIP.


Surprisingly simple.
Astonishingly powerful.

Sharing a VIP Profile

Once a tenant creates their VIP Profile, it’s as easy as hitting “Share” where they can either enter the email address of someone they want to share directly with, or copy their unique link and paste in a message, email or even an SMS.


Requesting a VIP Profile

With VIP Request you simply invite any potential tenant to share their VIP Profile with you. Once they accept your Request, we’ll send you an email with a link to view their Profile online. It’s 100% free to Request.

Designed to work everywhere.


Not only does VIP work on whatever device you’re using, we’ve designed it to work wherever the conversation takes place. From listing messages and Whatsapp, to viewings and formal applications. VIP works, whenever & wherever you need it.

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Safe as houses.

We are committed to safeguarding your private and sensitive data by handling it in the most secure way possible.

Learn more about security ➝

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Ready to get started?

Great! If you’re a tenant, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your very own VIP Profile. If you want to request a VIP from a prospective tenant, simply press Request VIP to get going right away.

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